Hello there, how are ya? 🙂

I’m Nuria and 24 years old. I currently live in beautiful Zurich in Switzerland where I spend my days finishing my primary education degree, teaching and tutoring many different little individuals, while trying to find that well-known but hard to find work-life balance. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll let you know when I am 🙂

I am addicted to emoticons so you all better get used to them because they will be all over the place. Starting right now :). (Would you recommend putting a full stop after an emoji? I never know).

If you’re trying to spot me, just look for the girl with the book glued to her face. That would probably be me. I love myself a good book whether that is the newest chick-lit romance or an old jewel like Jane Eyre. I’ve been in love with all things book since I can remember. Books an me, we are a lifetime romance.

Well, there are probably a million other interesting and not-so interesting little bits and bobs about me, but I’ll leave it at that. You’ll have to find out the rest as we go along 🙂

So, off we go. I wish you a lot of fun exploring my blog and hope that you have the loveliest day of all.